102 S 19th Ave Ste 4 ~ Bozeman, MT

Mon-Fri 11-6:30, Sat 11-5, Sun Closed

Hit Your "Z" Spot, Explore Authentic Flavors



Barbara V  8.31.2011

I've had Z's Hummus, her Gyros....yum...you're gonna love it.


Joe Cobb 5.16. 2012 (Owner of Naked Noodle)

Excellent food!!!  What a great addition to Bozeman's restaurant scene.  Enjoyed a tasty and hearty Beef Gyro which was delicious and flavorful as well as wonderful Lemon Orzo soup.  Friendly service from the staff. Very clean environment.  Plenty of Parking. Centrally located in town. Z's Hummus is also out of this world.  Will be back again...again and again!!! so many more options to try!


Erica B  9.5.2011 (Erica Burrell Design)

I've had Z's hummus from the store as well as fresh food at the Farmer's Market and I've never had anything better.  I've had had both dolmas and hummus from all over the world and Z's is by far the best in taste and food quality.  Her fresh gyros have always been scrumptious and I am so excited she will have a storefront here in Bozeman!!


Jackie W 5.22.2012

I have always liked Z' at the farmers market so I was excited to try them out at their new permanent location. I had the 1/2 and 1/2 Gyro....half gyro meat, half falafel. It  tasted super fresh and was so yummy. The whole menu looked awesome and I am looking forward to trying some other things as well. Also, the seating area was really bight at cheery. Happy to have another great lunch spot in Bozeman.


Wyatt K  4.22.2012

Fast friendly service. Delicious gyro. You can really tell this place is family-owned, clean, and run with a great deal of pride.


Nikki P  6.11.2012

Wonderful authentic food. Can't wait to go back and try some other dishes.  Fast service, nice atmosphere!


Fie K  6.5.2012

I was reccommended to Z's Meze Market by my boyfriend, who in turn was reccommended by his mother.  I love by word of mouth advertising!  

My first impression was that the restaurant was clean and bright and very self explanatory.  Do you ever walk into a restaurant and wonder if you're supposed to seat yourself?  Well, Z's felt very comfortable with the flow and process of their business.  I ordered the half and half (half gyro half falafel) and it was delicious!  I've had it everytime since.  I can't wait to try everything else on the menu but for now I'm content.

The second time I was there I learned they had outdoor seating.  Another point for Z's!  The staff are always very helpful and nice.  If you don't know where to start or what to try, just ask!  The food has been prompt and fresh everytime and the portions are more than filling for me.  Even my boyfriend seems to fill up on just one gyro...and maybe a couple baklavas.

I'm hoping a beer and wine license is in their future.  Especially if it includes traditional greek beverages.  However, locally brewed beers would be a fantastic start.


Arnie K. 5.23.2012

Great place to stop for a delicious lunch. I had the half and half gyro. A great combination of meat and falafel. The sauce had the right hint of spice. Stop and treat yourself to an authentic taste in Bozeman. You will not be disappointed.


Ed S  5.22.2012

I love Mark and Zeynep. Their food is fresh delicious and creative. Do yourself a favor and give it a try.


G L H 4.28.2012

Great food, and friendly service.


Suri M 4.25.2012

I have known the owner since she and her husband selling Gyros and baklavas in local farmers market. So when they finally opened up their own place, I was really ecstatic!

The gyro no doubt, is delicious. My new favorite is their dessert called Mosaic Pasta which has chocolate and pistachio in it. It's very chocolaty, but not so sweet, which what I like the best. 

Their baklava is also the best dessert! it's a MUST order thing.

The table setting is simple and cozy, nothing extravaganza but I love it as it feels at home.

I came again today - May 4, ordered something called 'Iskander'. It's really filling & yummy! cuts pita bread on the bottom, topped with slices of gyro meat, red sauce (reminds me of spaghetti sauce), parsley and yogurt on top.

Order it when you are REALLY REALLY HUNGRY!


Heidi W 4.28.2012

Z's is a must go to quaint eatery that has fresh, authentic Mediterranean dishes that will have you wanting to eat there daily. I too, fell in love with Z's gyro's and hummus at the farmer's market and still a favorite, but there is so much more to try. I am currently hooked on the spicy bulgar gyro bowl. Z and her team are so welcoming and so gracious when you stop in, and expect a visit at your table from Z, as she values each of you and wants to hear your thoughts.


Keegan R 9.16.2011

Z's homemade products are the best of the best!! 

You haven't had any of Z's food??? You are definitely missing out!!!

The grape leaves are sensational! She makes dynamite hummus which is superb!! There are different kinds of hummus to choose from and all of them are filled with great flavor. Z's food is filled with quality and great taste. 

Don't delay! Go get Z's food today!


Brian R 9.9.2011

Z's has the best Gyro's in Bozeman, hands down. If you like gyros you better find her. They are so good.

The tzatziki sauce is amazing and should be sold as a condiment. 

Also her Hummus, especially the red pepper hummus, is a favorite in our home. All made from scratch in Bozeman. 

Can't wait for the new store to open.


Jamie Porter  9.2.2011 

The first time I bought a 1/2 dozen grape leaves from Z, they actually didn't make it home.  I made the mistake of bringing them in our office, and they quickly disappeared.  They are by far the most delicous grape leaves I have tasted, with the 

perfect combination of flavors.  I love the fact that they are healthy as well as delicious!


Zehra Osman 9.1.2011

I grew up eating Turkish food, and when I sample Z's cooking, it takes me back to the delicious memories of my youth. Z's food is fresh, flavorful, and healthy.